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All applicants must;

(Note: Students must come to the school in person to register for classes)

Complete Application for admission, must pay minimum of $200.00 of tuition at enrollment. (On-site at CCTC)

  • Official high school transcript or General Education Development (GED) scores.
  • (CCTC requires official transcripts or GED testing scores)
  • Students who have not completed HS or GED may complete ATB test to enroll in classes.
  • Have a negative PPD (negative TB skin test). If TB skin test is positive, then it will be required for you to have a chest X-ray done. (Prior to clinical) *CNA & EKG students only.
  • Pay tuition for program or have signed up for financing (payment plan), and have required classroom supplies.
  • (By first day of class)
  • Not have prior derogatory remarks or listed on abuse and neglect registry, sex offender registry.
  • (Completed by CCTC)
  • Pass background check. You must obtain a background check *CNA & EKG students only from the sheriffs department in the county in which you reside, not from your local police department.Your completed background check/arrest record must be turned into CCTC NO later than the first day of class. NOTE, applicant will be ineligible if convicted of abuse, assault, theft over $500.00, or felonies. If your record is in the process of being expunged please wait to enroll until the process is complete. (By first day of class)Administration reserves the right to decide.
  • Background check info:
  • Knox County: (865) 215-2432
  • Anderson County: (865) 457-7100
  • Blount County: (865) 273-5003
  • Jefferson County (865) 397-9411