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                                        Get Started for $125.00

                                Class Seat Special

Pay $125.00 registration fee and complete Payment Plan for Tuition with dropped financing fee during the time of registering for classroom setting courses.

         Effective Date:8/23/22 Expires:9/23/22

         Great New!!!!!!! Class Seat Special Has been               extended and will expire 10/10/22


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What could be better than giving a gift that last a lifetime? If you would like to give a friend or family member the gift of education, CCTC gift certificate is the ideal choice for you.

Gift Certificate

How You Can Order:

1. Contact school at (865)394-9960 to speak with a helpful representative.

2. Choose your gift certificate payment option:

*Pay for the course in full

*Pay the down payment

*Make a payment of your choice

*Pay for a student’s state testing fee $98.00

3.Provideshipping details:

We can send the gift certificate to you or it can be sent directly to the recipient

4.The recipient will receive a customized gift certificate with the details of the gift.

Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions

Our gift certificates can be used towards the purchase of any course(s) offered by Compassionate Care Technical Center, Inc.

●Gift certificates cannot be used or redeemed without an authorized certificate number.

●They also cannot be redeemed for cash, cannot be used or redeemed towards previous purchases, cannot be used or redeemed to purchase other gift certificates, cannot be resold, and are not refundable.

●Any purchase less than the value of a gift certificate causes the unused balance to be placed in the account of the gift certificate recipient for use in a future transaction.

●Any purchase exceeding the value of a gift certificate will result in a balance, which is the sole responsibility of the recipient, and requires that the recipient meet the payment terms.

●We reserve the right to change the gift certificate terms and conditions at our sole discretion.

●Gift certificates are in U.S. dollars.

Gift Certificates are NON-REFUNDABLE